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Policy of St. Elizabeth Spa

1. Compliance with this policy is obligatory for all employees, bathing guests, athletes, contractors, and individuals present in the spa area.

2. The spa employees ensure the polite serving of guests and that their rest is safe and not hazardous to health. Staff responsibilities include the enforcement of health provisions as well as other official and other regulations. We similarly expect persons present in the spa area to behave in a cultured, non-hazardous and safe manner.

3. Everyone (spa guest, visitor, contractor, etc.) can only use the spa and its services, equipment and rented items in compliance with this POLICY – at their own risk. In case of non-compliance with the POLICY - despite notification - we are obliged to remove the spa guests, contractors, etc. from the spa area.

4. Not allowed in the spa:

- persons who cannot take care of themselves without an escort

- persons suffering from an infectious disease

- persons with open wounds or disgusting skin conditions

- persons with diseases that are dangerous to themselves and the guests (e.g. heart failure, severe central nervous system disease)

- under influence (intoxication, drug effects, etc.)

- pets (e.g.: dog, cat, parrot, etc.)

5. They can visit the spa under supervision:

- children under 6 years of age, and children under 14 years of age unable to swim: only with (parental) supervision

- persons who have been assigned supervision

- persons with severe psychiatric illness: only under medical supervision, or under supervision specified by a physician.

6. The pools cannot be used:

- for eating, drinking, smoking

- by individuals who behave in a way that endangers themselves or other guests, or make their stay in the spa unpleasant (e.g. water splashing)

- individuals with tumour diseases

- guests who have experienced acute inflammation in their body

- in the case of an active or inflamed musculoskeletal problem

- in case of severe untreated or inadequately treated heart- or vascular disease

- heart failure, heart attack within 6 months

- in case of severe central nervous system diseases

- in the case of any infectious disease

- in case of venous thrombosis

- in case of general poor health

- in the case of tumours

- in the case of tuberculosis

- in case of any skin disease that is aesthetically disgusting or infectious

7. The opening hours of the ticket office and the spa, the list of valid services and their prices are clearly displayed at the entrances, by the ticket office, at all times. The price list includes the discounts that can be applied, as well as who the discount applies to and for how long.

8. Entering the spa area and using its services is only allowed with a valid entry ticket. To avoid any inconvenience resulting from your inspection, please keep your tickets or their equivalent items (other tokens) until closing time. If you are unable to present your ticket upon inspection or when leaving the spa, you must pay twice the applicable daily ticket price and leave the spa after depositing the amount at the ticket office.

If, despite our request, someone does not comply with the POLICY, we will request official measures.

9. Discount for children: free up to 3 years of age; kids ticket for 3-6 year olds; age-based discount ticket in case of a full-time student status with an educational institution, certified by documents.

10. The guest book, operation log, consumer complaints registry, accident log, the first aid location and health care information are at the ticket office. Entries are investigated by the spa manager and the results of the investigation are responded to in writing within 15 days.

11. The ticket office closes one hour before the spa closes.

12. Guests must leave the pools 15 minutes before closing time.

13. Non-swimmers are not allowed to use the pool marked “DEEP WATER”.

14. Children under the age of 14 can only use the spa on medical prescription, regardless of the purpose of the use.

15. All waste, pieces of paper, cigarette butts, etc. must be placed in rubbish bins located in the spa area, it is forbidden to contaminate the bathing water in any way!

16. Jumping into the water is only allowed on the beach stone side of the swimming pool and in the outdoor pool with slide.

17. Do not enter the pools without having a shower and washing your feet!

18. In the area of the spa the use of a swimsuit is mandatory for bathing!

19. The use of a swimming cap is mandatory in the training pool!

20. During group water physiotherapy sessions, the part of the training pool designated for the session may only be used by patients with a valid treatment card. During the gymnastics, neither the physiotherapist holding the session nor the patients participating should be disturbed in any way. It is forbidden to enter the area on the edge of the pool temporarily demarcated by a barrier for physiotherapists during these sessions. It is strictly forbidden to move or cross the barrier.

21. The spa has a Sauna Island section which can be used by guests with a separately purchased ticket and in accordance with the sauna policy. Failure to comply with the sauna policy may result in exclusion, the enforcement of which will be closely monitored in the Sauna Island department!

22. Playing ball is only allowed in the designated place! The designated place for playing ball is the beach volleyball court.

23. The place designated for first aid is the lifeguard's location. In the case of accident or sickness, spa employees are required to attend to the injured and, if necessary, call a doctor. The case must be recorded in the accident log and in the event of an accident, photographs must be taken of the scene. The spa will investigate all accidents that occur in its area.

24. The leader of the group is responsible for the safety and security of spa visitors arriving in the group.

25. It is strictly forbidden to bring animals into the spa area (except for guide dogs)!

26. In all rooms of the spa building: No smoking is allowed! Designated smoking areas are indicated by a sign: e.g. next to the swimming pool engine room, etc.

27. The use of lockers is free of charge, and we take responsibility for the clothes stored in them. No substances that may endanger people or objects may be stored in the lockers. However, we a request a “deposit” for the locker key, which is reimbursed when the locker key is returned (on departure). It is up to the spa manager to set the amount of the “deposit”. If the locker key is lost, the deposit will become the property of the spa, as a rule, and the locker can only be opened and handed over in a credible manner in the presence of a witness, which must be recorded in writing and signed by those present. Other valuables (money, keys, jewellery, documents, etc.) can be stored in a separate safe (central cloakroom) free of charge.

28. Lost and found objects are kept for 1 month, and they can be picked up at the ticket office once ownership has been confirmed. Storage fee: a tenth of the entrance fee per day, which the spa manager may decide to waive. The spa is not responsible for items left unattended (objects, bags, clothing, etc.)! In the event of the announcement of a theft, we record the notification in writing, and immediately inform the competent authority.

29. Every spa user and person present in the spa is obliged to observe the lifeguard's instructions regarding the policy and the bathing method!

30. Individuals in violation of the policy can be immediately excluded from the use of the spa without refund of the service fee. In case of a conflict between guests, which disturbs the rest of the spa guests, the spa is obliged to remove participants from the spa, taking official action if necessary.

31. Every person present in the spa is obliged to follow the instructions of the inscriptions and signs placed in the area of the spa. Those who constantly violate the spa's policy can be excluded from the spa area for the entire season.

32. If a person in the spa area causes damage, he or she is liable as described in the regulations. Damages should be recorded in minutes and photographs must be taken of the site.

33. The spa does not assume financial liability for any damage to clothing resulting from the use of experience elements in the pools.

34. The spa does not assume liability for any injuries resulting from the improper use of fun elements in the pools.

35. The spa management can refuse the right to use the services of the spa from individuals who do not comply with the policy, and measures taken by an official person can also be requested.

36. The spa reserves the right to regulate the opening hours of summer (seasonal) pools in accordance with changes in weather and guest traffic. The spa is obliged to place a list of currently operating pools in a clearly visible place by the ticket office. After leaving the ticket office, the spa cannot accept complaints regarding the payment amount.

37. In case of danger (thunderstorm, lightning, technical reasons, unsafe use of the slide, other, etc.) the spa will do its best to ensure the safety of the spa guests. In such cases, spa guests are obliged to follow and execute the instructions accurately and in a cultured manner; nevertheless, the spa cannot provide compensation. We are also unable to provide compensation for unpleasant situations (water temperatures considered low, etc.), but we will take immediate action on any report.

38. The staff working in the spa area is obliged to treat all our guests and visiting patients politely and courteously. However, if a possible disagreement between a spa worker and a guest or patient cannot be resolved due to the guest's or patient's behaviour despite the repeated polite and courteous behaviour of the spa worker, and the guest's behaviour disturbs or hinders the peace of other guests or work of spa employees, the management of the spa has the right to refuse the services of the spa and other service providers in the spa. If a spa guest slanders, threatens, etc. the spa or the spa staff (lifeguard), the spa guest must be offered to put it in writing in the consumer complaints registry. If the guest does not do so or continues to slander or threaten, the spa is obliged - in the interests of the other spa guests - to ban the spa guest from the spa area and, if necessary, to request official action.

39. Contractors providing services in the spa area (medical services, meals, hospitality, etc.) are fully responsible for the persons in their area, including themselves, and are also obliged to abide by this policy.

40. To ensure the comfort of guests, the spa has set up chairs and loungers on site, which can be used free of charge. These chairs and loungers are for relaxation purposes only. It is forbidden to store clothes and towels on the chairs and loungers and thereby reserve the relaxation equipment! The spa staff is entitled to free up the relaxation equipment reserved with a towel or bag, and we are unable to provide compensation for that.

Gábor Farkas

spa manager

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