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Thermal Bath

Immerse yourself in health!

In the indoor and outdoor pools of the spa with medicinal water (35-39 ℃) you can truly immerse yourself in health. The coloured medicinal water erupting from the sedimentary layers of the Pannonian primordial sea has a particularly beneficial effect on the knee and shoulder joints, but it is also used effectively for the treatment of abrasive and inflammatory spinal diseases, muscle rheumatism and gynaecological diseases.

Pools with medicinal water:

  • swim training medicinal pool
  • indoor curved medicinal pool
  • indoor weight bath medicinal pool
  • outdoor medicinal pool
  • outdoor adventure- and training pool
  • relax thermal pool
  • Kneipp treadmill pool

Additional pools of the spa and their opening times

The medical department of the spa offers over thirty types of spa and wellness treatments.

Treatments covered by social security:

  • 01 Spa pool with medicinal water
  • 03 Mud pack, mud bath
  • 04 Weight bath
  • 05 Carbonated bath
  • 06 Therapeutic massage
  • 07 Underwater hydromassage
  • 08 Underwater group physiotherapy
  • 10 Group therapeutic swimming (under 18 years of age)

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Treatments and prices

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