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Medical Water

The healing water

The thermal well of the spa obtains its alkali bicarbonate water from the sedimentary layers of the Pannonian primordial sea. The 39.5 °C mineral-rich, iodine-like water was officially certified as medicinal water in 1999, but even before that, it helped thousands of patients to recover. It is used in balneotherapy to treat abrasive and inflammatory joint and spinal diseases, muscle rheumatism and gynaecological diseases.

A clinical study carried out during the qualification of the thermal well as medicinal water statistically confirmed the pronounced healing effect of the spa water in diseases of the knee and shoulder joints, so the spa can rightly be called the “knee and shoulder centre” of the region.

Warm water increases the metabolism of joints, muscles and organs, accelerates the absorption of nutrients from the blood, and increases the release of waste products from the cells. The minerals in the thermal water are absorbed through the skin, thus exerting their special beneficial effects. In water, the healing movement of diseased joints is much easier due to the buoyancy.

The recommended bathing time is 30-45 minutes per occasion.

Thermal wells in Mórahalom:

  • St. Elizabeth medicinal water
  • Árpád medicinal water
  • Hunyadi medicinal water
  • St. László medicinal water

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