Quiet Wellness Premium Spa Area

With the creation of the Quiet Wellness Premium Spa Area, an exclusive service has been created that takes the sauna experience to a new level.

With a capacity of 40 people, the Finnish pine sauna is one of the largest and most special saunas in the Dél-Alföld (in English Southern Great Plain). In addition to the Finnish saunas, the infrared sauna and the outdoor Russian sauna allow a unique, cozy sauna experience with special LED lighting.

Despite the individual sauna usage, weekly sauna programs run by trained, professional sauna masters also provide a full range of sauna usage. Cooling after the sauna is also emphasized in the Quiet Wellness section: an outdoor sparkling tub, a jacuzzi pool, an ice well and a special tropical experience shower.

When creating the Premium Spa Area, idyllic tranquility and relaxation were the main considerations, so in addition to the modern, unique color scheme, pleasant mood lighting and seating areas separated by a curtain promote complete relaxation. The experience of relaxation is completed by a separate massage corner.

The saunas of Quiet Wellness Premium Spa Area located on the floor of the Children's Bath can be used by purchasing a separate ticket for HUF 1,300 and by paying a deposit of HUF 2,000 (which entitles the holder to receive a wristband granting access to Quiet Wellness Premium Spa Area). The usage fee is in addition to the full price ticket or season ticket and cannot be used with discounted tickets. The HUF 1,300 Premium Spa Area ticket and wristband can be bought at the main ticket office, where the deposit should also be paid. After completion of the sauna use, the amount of the deposit, which is HUF 2,000, will be refunded in exchange of the wristband handed over at the main ticket office. If the wristband is missing, the main ticket office will pay the entire deposit into the spa's box office.

We would like to draw the attention of our dear guests to the fact that the Quiet Wellness Premium Spa Area closes one hour sooner than the opening hours of the spa.

We would also like to draw the attention of our dear guests to the fact that the Quiet Wellness Premium Spa Area will not receive guests due to a private event on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Quiet Wellness Premium Spa Area
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