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The indications and contra-indications of the medicinal water in Mórahalom


1. Non-acute phase of arthritis
2. Degenerative joint lesions (arthrosis)
3. Chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases of the spine
4. Rehabilitation of diseases of the central nervous system, paralysis
5. Chronic nerve pain, nerve inflammation (neuralgia, neuritis)
6. Chronic skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, pruritus)
7. Rehabilitation of injuries and sports injuries
8. Chronic gynaecological diseases (adnexitis, chr.)
9. Chronic urological diseases (prostatitis chr.)
10. Chronic gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis)
11. Infertility


1. With tumour disease
2. Any acute inflammation in the body
3. Severe untreated cardiovascular disease
4. Severe central nervous system disease
5. Any infectious disease
6. Deep vein thrombosis
7. Pregnancy

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