• What services are available with a day ticket?

During summer the following services are available with one ticket: 14 covered pools, 7 outdoor pools, 8 saunas, 2 indoor slides, 1 outdoor family slide, several extra services (Kneipp pool, slush ice bath, whirling corridor, nappy change room, children's playhouse, etc.). During winter, the outdoor slide is closed and 2 outdoor pools are available.

  • When do higher ticket prices apply, when are the special periods?

Special ticket prices apply every weekend as well as during public holidays (e.g. public holidays, etc.). For details on ticket prices and special periods, see:

Entry ticket prices

Special periods

  • From what age do children have to pay to enter?

Entering the spa is free for ages 0-3. Kids ticket can be purchased for 3-6 year olds. Student tickets can be purchased for children aged 6-18 (or full-time students).

Entry ticket prices

  • Is it possible to pay by SZÉP card?

Spa tickets can be purchased from any sub-account of the SZÉP card. In the spa, several catering units also accept the SZÉP card. Credit cards are also accepted in the spa, of course.

Learn more about the SZÉP card.

  • What do I need to know about the deposit?

The locker can be used for a deposit of HUF 2,000. The deposit will be refunded to the guest upon departure by handing over the key. In case the locker key is lost, we will charge a HUF 2,000 compensation fee!

If a 3-hour ticket is bought, guests will receive a wristband from the cashier after paying the entrance fee, for which a deposit of HUF 3,000 must be paid. The time spent in the spa is measured with the wristband. After bathing is completed and the wristband is handed over, settlement takes place. If the stay in the spa does not exceed 3 hours, the fee in the price list will remain applicable. If the stay in the spa exceeds 3 hours, after 3 hours the fee will increase by HUF 20 per minute until it reaches the value of the full price day ticket. If a guest does not hand over the wristband, the deposit of HUF 3,000 will be paid in at the cashier's desk and the wristband will be banned.

The fee for the use of Sauna Island is payable in addition to the ticket, and it can be used in exchange for a deposit of HUF 2,000. The deposit will be refunded to the guest upon departure by handing over the wristband with code numbers.

  • Where can I park and do I have to pay for it?

Free parking is available in designated areas throughout the city of Mórahalom. The parking spaces of Tömörkény Street opposite the main entrance of the spa, as well as the designated parking lot opening from it in the courtyard of the Aranyszöm Event House (Fesztivál köz) are available. The other parking lot of the city is located on the Millennium Promenade, and behind it there is a separate parking street behind St. Margaret's Health House, which can be approached from the Millennium Promenade, and the designated parking lot behind the church can be entered from Szabadság Street (also).


  • Is there night bathing?

Night bathing is available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The entire facility is open until 22:00, except for the Children’s Bath section which can be used until 21:00 on these days.

Spa opening times

Pool opening hours

  • Is it possible to leave the spa area and then re-enter?

By purchasing a so-called exit ticket, it is possible to leave the spa area and then re-enter it with the received armband. The price of the exit ticket is HUF 300. Ask the cashier for an armband required to exit and re-enter!

  • How can I secure my valuables?

Please note that it is important to use the safe deposit boxes because storing valuables in a robe pocket or under a towel is not safe. Valuables can be stored in the FREE safe deposit box next to the main ticket office, as well as in the cloakrooms.

  • Why is it not recommended to stay in the medicinal water for more than 20 minutes?

At the beginning of the spa treatment, bath reactions may occur, the pain of the diseased joints may increase, or your general well-being may worsen. If a patient takes too many baths and takes them for a longer period of time despite the doctor's advice, his or her body will be exhausted and bath fatigue may occur. In this case, continuing the bath treatment is ineffective and may even be harmful. Bathing should therefore always be followed by relaxation.

  • Why is relaxation and hydration important after a massage?

A massage should always be received after bathing. In the body, as a result of the stimulus caused by the massage treatment, blood and lymphatic circulation intensifies and the detoxification process starts. To do this, our body needs energy. By consuming the right liquid - non-carbonated mineral water, grapefruit, herbal teas - we help the detoxification processes, and by relaxing we allow our body to concentrate, relax and turn off.

  • Is there accommodation belonging to the spa?

There are also three hotels in direct connection with the spa, but these are not operated by the spa. All three hotels provide covered and unlimited access to the spa for their guests. Request accommodation offers directly from the hotels or book directly on their website at the best price guaranteed!

Elixír Medical Wellness Hotel

Hotel Colosseum

Thermal Pansion

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